Why Choose Jet Aeration, LLC?

- Jet has been thriving and innovating since 1955. We are the
true pioneers of residential aerated wastewater treatment

- Jet Plants are making septic tanks obsolete - that means no
more terrible odors.

- Jetís three compartment tank is pre-cast concrete made
from one mold and they last!

- A Jet Plant is GUARANTEED! No other manufacturer in the
industry matches our quality, reliability or the overall long-life
and dependability of a Jet Plant.

- A Jet Plant is supported by a team of factory-trained and
licensed local distributors.

- FREE service and FREE inspections are granted on the first
two years of the installation and operation of a Jet Plant.
Jet Plants are not only dependable, but ideal for both
Residential and Commercial use.

- Purchasing a Jet Plant will SAVE you money and minimize
your homeís impact on the environment.